Peace, Art, & Community Room

A Space for Community, Fellowship, and Creation

A few years ago, the space in the bottom level of our church building were storage rooms. Divided by a temporary wall, this space was used to store anything from produce for our former Brethren Nutritional Program to candelabras for our sanctuary. It has been a goal of ours to re-imagine this space from storage to something that better fits our values. We applied for and received the Mid Atlantic District’s Core Mini Grant, which funds small projects to focus on the Church of the Brethren’s (CoB) new compelling vision of “Jesus in the Neighborhood”. We also applied for and recieved the CoB’s Faith in Action Grant that encourages congregations to create outreach ministry projects for their communities.

Our Community Arts Minister, Jessie Houff, has coordinated the renovation and cleanup of this space to be used for a number of events. After two years of clean-up days, planning, and reorganizing, this space is now one large space for many different purposes!

Our emerging vision for this room:

  1. Arts Ministry efforts such as an Art Gallery to display art by artists local & across the country and other arts programming (such as arts workshops & movie nights)
  2. Events, trainings, and workshops focused on peacemaking, conflict resolution, and nonviolence; 
  3. Activities and events related to social justice and equity, in DC, the U.S. broadly, and globally   
  4. Events related to the Community Garden
  5. List the space for local organizations, youth groups, churches, etc. to rent for special events/programming
  6. Other special church events and meetings


We would like to give huge thanks to those who assisted in the process of cleaning and getting the space to where it is today:

Friends from Oakton CoB in Vienna, VA; friends from Manassas CoB in Manassas, VA; friends from Arlington CoB; our Facility manager, Duncan Wiles and local DC contractors; Washington City congregation members and other volunteers: Agnes, Jacob, Nate, Jenn, little A, Jeff, Malachi; Administrative Council members: Bryan, Jerry, Sally, Jess, and Nate. We could not have done this without you! Scroll down to see the “Before” and “After” pictures of the space.

What should we name the space?

We need your input! We need a name for this space. Having just read about our vision and goals for this space as it relates to social justice advococy, art, and community, what ideas do you have for naming this room? Click below to offer your suggestions.

Work Day Photos:

Photos by Jessie Houff

Before and After Photos…

Photos by Jessie Houff and Duncan Wiles

Before… After!