Christmas Eve

Preacher: Chibuzo Petty Scripture: Jeremiah 30:1-24, 31:1-40, 32:1-44. 33:1-26 Date: December 24, 2022

Bright, Shining Wonder

Preacher: Jennifer Hosler Scripture: Luke 2:1-20 For those of us in the northern hemisphere, December is marked by short days and long nights. It is an adjustment for everyone, that first troubling transition out of daylight savings time when it just seems so very dark, so very early. I find those first few weeks quite…

Shines Forth (Enthroned Upon the Cherubim)

Preacher: Nathan Hosler Scriptures: Micah 5: 2-5a, Psalm 80: 1-7, & Luke 1: 39-55 “In those days Mary set out and went with haste to a Judean town in the hill country, where she entered the house of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the child leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled…

The Trouble with Christmas

Preacher: Chris Bowman Scriptures: Luke 1:68-79 & Luke 3:1-6 It is an honor to preach here at Washington City Church of the Brethren. You have been a good and faithful presence in the neighborhood over the years. Thank you for that! And thanks to Jessie for the invitation to preach, this second Sunday of Advent….

Even the Prophet Doubted

Preacher: Jennifer Hosler Scripture: Isaiah 35: 1-10; Luke 1:46b-55; Matthew 11:2-11 Doubt, loss, pain, darkness… sounds like Christmas-time? Unlike our cultural displays of perpetual holiday cheer, our four weeks of Advent scriptures allow for a fuller gamut of Christmas-time emotions: pain, doubt, and loss come alongside themes of peace, hope, love, and joy. This 3rd…


Luke 1:26-38; Luke 1:46b-55 Jennifer Hosler The fourth Sunday in Advent Last year at this time, our nephew was acting in a stage production of It’s a Wonderful Life. The theatre version was not a typical re-enactment – but was re-framed as a live, 1940s radio production, complete with sound effects created by Foley artists….


Psalm 126   Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11   1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 Jeff Davidson The third Sunday in Advent Happy Gaudete Sunday! What, you didn’t know this was Gaudete Sunday? Nobody told you? You may even ask, “What is Gaudete Sunday anyway?” Gaudete Sunday is the third Sunday in Advent. The word “Gaudete” is from the Latin word for…