Joy Kraybill – Card Maker

Joy working with students to create doughnut Valentines in California.

Joy is a longtime friend of the Washington City Church of the Brethren and currently attends Elizabethtown CoB in Pennsylvania. Each February, Joy gathers with friends and children to create special Valentines. She has been all across the country making unique cards to spread holiday smiles. Scroll down to see and read more about Joy’s card-making!

“You’re a Llama Fun” Valentine’s Day Cards.

When did you first start creating? 

Many moons ago!

Describe how your spirituality connects with your creative process? 

In terms of Valentines, I truly love the ability to connect with other people and enjoy the creating process together. It’s also a really fun way for me to connect with friends’ kids. In the case of Valentines, I will also say that our culture circulates a whole bunch of messages about Valentines Day, and there’s something very empowering about just claiming the holiday and celebrating it however you wish — and if that means a whole bunch of crafting sessions with sharp young minds, then that’s a pretty cool holiday!

WHY do you create?

Because I enjoy it; because I attain “flow” when I’m doing it; because I can use the products, and because people enjoy receiving the products!

Joy working with students in Maryland to create Sushi Valentines.

How has the pandemic (if at all) affected your creative process?

I have made fewer cards during the pandemic, and have generally felt less creative and less artsy. However, I did make Valentines with two sets of my friend’s kids again this year, via Zoom. I also made a batch of my own Valentines — some I will send to my own friends, and some I am going to donate to a “Valentine drive” my library is doing for senior citizens. (They will put a Valentine with Meals on Wheels deliveries, during the week of Valentines Day.)

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