Suzanne, Maple, & Marylynne Lay – Multidisciplinary Artists

Mother: Suzanne (left), and her two daughters: Maple (middle) and Marylynne (right)

From jewelry making to painting to graphic design, this is a family of artists and creators! Suzanne grew up at Poages Mill CoB in the Virlina District and is the Communications Minister at Arlington CoB in the Mid-Atlantic District. The three of them love art night at Washington City CoB! 

What do you create?

Marylynne (8): binary code jewelry, finger knit rugs, recycled magnets + guitar. Maple (3): painting + drawing. Suzanne (Mom): photography + graphic design. Together: cooking, dancing + crafts

Marylynne’s binary code jewelry
Drawing by Maple
Graphic Design by Suzanne
Raisin bread – made together!

When did you first start creating? 

Marylynne learned binary code at a library STEM class when she was 5 and started selling her creations on Etsy right away. Maple doodles and paints as the mood strikes; Suzanne got into photography and graphic design as her work increasingly involved communications

Maple modeling Marylynne’s binary code jewelry
Painting by Maple
Photography and Graphic Design by Suzanne

Describe how your spirituality connects with your creative process? 

Creating is a way we savor time and each other. Each project gives us a new way to love ourselves (through self-expression) and each other (by show, tell and feedback),  and that is all you need: a way to show and share God’s love!

Magnets made by Marylynne and Maple
Marylynne and her guitar

WHY do you create?

Creating is a way we bond: appreciating and encouraging each others’ talents. We like to create and so doing it together (either as co-creators or creators + audience) is a way to get to know each other better. And decorating our lives with creations is a way to celebrate each other and hold on to special memories.

How has the pandemic (if at all) affected your creative process?

We’ve loved having so much more time together to create. The finger knit rugs and recycled magnets might not have gotten sparked or practiced if we didn’t have the extra time at home to fill. Wanting to fill the time (along with generous gifts from family, friends and school) also encouraged us to have more painting + drawing supplies on hand and to organize the supplies in an inviting way. Mom’s personal photography found a new home on Instagram, because of the extra pandemic time too, which is a nice new outlet, lure and keepsake.

Photograph at the Hirshorn by Suzanne
Marylynne modeling her and Suzanne’s Christmas Garlands, made during Art Night in December 2020

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